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Junk Car Removal in Columbus, OH

Since 1945, our company has provided junk car removal. Count on us to give you the finest price for your junk car and pay you in cash on the day we pick up the vehicle. In addition to junk car pickup and removal, our family-owned company offers scrap metal recycling and used auto parts at low, affordable prices.

Is your old lemon taking up much-needed space in the garage or driveway? Turn it into cash. Simply turn to us for our junk car pickup services, and we'll pay you top-dollar for your junk cars and scrap metal parts. Call us today to get a price quote for your junk car pickup.

Why Should You Schedule Junk Car Pickup Us?

It's not uncommon to see old, unused vehicles that are sitting in a person's yard. If this sounds like your situation, it's time to call our local, family-run business. When you choose us, we'll offer you fast, friendly and professional service. We are known throughout the area for our prompt offers of cash for junk cars.We understand that some automobiles have sentimental value to the owners, which is why many vehicle owners are hesitant to sell their cars. Unfortunately, unused automobiles that aren't maintained properly are subject to decay. In addition, these vehicles are making your yard an eyesore. Hold onto your cherished memories and put some money in your wallet with our junk car removal services.

Tow Truck in Columbus, OH

For more than seven decades, customers have turned to our company for convenient junk car pickup services because we consistently outshine the competition in both performance and price. Experienced, dedicated and customer-focused, our team knows how to best serve clients and minimize any efforts on their part. The benefits of choosing us for junk car pickup include:

  • High Prices for Junk Vehicles
  • Towing the Car for Free
  • Getting the Unwanted Vehicle off the Property
  • Benefiting the Environment by Salvaging
  • Recycling Metal for Future Use
  • Keeping Useful Parts Out of Landfills
  • Environmentally-Friendly Practices that Work
  • Same-Day Pickup Is Available


Junk Cars in Columbus, OH

Offering Cash for Junk Cars

An old, rusty car in the front yard isn't an ornamental lawn decoration. It's a blemish that detracts from the beauty of the entire neighborhood. Don't let your unused vehicle make your entire neighborhood look like a salvage yard. Sell your junk cars for cash. Just turn to our company, and we'll offer you a top cash payout to take your old vehicle off your hands.

Finding a way to dispose of a car is easier said than done. Instead of spending endless hours researching "who buys junk cars" or the most convenient ways to "sell my junk car" in the area, look no further than our salvage and junk yard. When you choose us to remove and dispose of your unwanted automobile, you'll not only put money in your wallet, but you'll also do your part to reduce your carbon footprint. That's right, there are numerous benefits of recycling your car. First and foremost, you'll reduce the demand for newly manufactured parts and ensure that hazardous wastes are disposed of safely. We use the most environmentally friendly recycling and disposal methods to preserve the environment.

The Area's Preferred Car Junk Yard

Improve the way your vehicle runs without paying the full cost of a replacement part when you can get car parts from our salvage yard. We have a storeroom stocked with parts removed from the car already or allow you to "pick and pull" the part from the vehicle by yourself.

No matter how you get the part from our salvage yard, we are always fair on the pricing. With over 800 cars in the yard, there is likely a part for your specific vehicle, even if you are fixing up a car as a hobby.

Paying for parts to repair a car can put a huge hole in your wallet. In fact, many parts can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars when you purchase them from large auto part stores. Whether you're looking for a new starter or require a headlight lamp, you're sure to find the parts you need in our inventory. Our car junk yard has a vast array of high-quality parts, so you can complete a repair without draining your bank account.

Many local residents think we buy junk cars only. That's not the case. In fact, we're also proud to offer salvage cars for sale. Stop by our convenient location to check out our extensive inventory of salvage vehicles. We're confident that you won't find a better price from any other local car junk yards. Discover why so many vehicle owners turn to us again and again to dispose of their junk cars. You'll be glad you did.

Environmentally-Friendly & EPA-Compliant Techniques

Allowing us to help you with junk car removal means you are also removing a hazard from the environment. Our company is always compliant with EPA regulations and we responsibly collect all of the following fluids from a vehicle that could potentially damage the environment:

  • Motor Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Freon

Make money by scheduling junk car removal with our company. Contact us today to request a pickup. We buy junk cars from clients in and around Columbus, Pickerington, New Albany, Westerville, and Gahanna, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.