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Wide Selection of Used Auto Parts in Columbus

When you are looking for used auto parts in Columbus that are affordable and high-quality, visit Edison Automotive Inc. At our auto salvage yard, we offer a full range of car parts for all makes and models. We buy junk vehicles and then sell the parts to buyers looking for affordable options. Stop by our junkyard today to find the quality parts you need at the lowest prices in the area.

Top-Quality Used Car Parts

At our junkyard, we are sure to have the right part for you no matter your vehicle’s make or model. Our buying power allows us to provide customers with a variety of parts for every vehicle. By purchasing the original components without going through a dealer or specialty shop, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will drive smoothly without overspending to get what you need. We offer two types of used auto parts: those you can choose from our warehouse or the “you pull it” parts you can remove from the cars on your own. Regardless of the option you choose, you are free to explore our virtually endless selection.

Shop Front in Columbus, OH

Auto Parts in Columbus, OH

Visit Our Junkyard for Discount Auto Parts

Whatever your need, the team at Edison Automotive Inc. is here to help you find the right parts for your vehicle. With more than 800 cars, we offer a wide range of options for you to browse. Our “you pull it” section includes cars already off the ground and on stands, which allows you to easily pull the parts you need. We are also happy to give you free use of our wheelbarrows to transport your selections once you have found them. Unlike most area junkyards, we do not charge for admission into the salvage area.

Auto Salvage Parts: The Smart Solution

Each year, millions of older vehicles are brought into scrapyards around the country. If they are not recycled or reused, they become just another addition to our landfills. However, choosing to salvage auto parts from these vehicles can help cut down on the amount of waste we see in our industry. Make the eco-friendly choice when you visit our local junkyard to shop for your used car parts. We follow environmentally friendly practices, and we make sure to recycle every salvageable part we find. By decreasing the need for manufacturers to build new parts, we do our part in eliminating needless waste.

Contact us today to find the parts you need at our junkyard in Columbus. We serve customers from throughout the surrounding areas, including Hilliard, Reynoldsburg, Dublin, and Bexley.