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Used Auto Parts in Columbus, OH

Find the right options for every vehicle when you browse through the selection at our yard. When you are looking for used auto parts that are both affordable and high-quality, visit us to explore our collection. At our junkyard, we feature a full range of car parts for all makes and models. Our salvage yard buys junk vehicles and then sells the parts to buyers looking for affordable update options. Whether you are a hobbyist tinkering on a project or you need to get your only car on the road as quickly as possible, turn to us today to see our diverse set of options.

Are you on the fence about buying used car parts? We recommend this type of purchase because of the numerous advantages available to every customer. Our family-owned business depends on a reliable reputation that is built on providing our clients with some of the best parts in the area. When you work with us for the automotive parts you need, you can trust that we’ll provide you with quality materials at competitive prices. Don't overpay at the dealership or with a specialized vendor when you can update your car with discount auto parts from our yard. We proudly provide our customers with durable, affordable products that fit every need. Our competitive pricing and expansive selection set us apart from other junkyards in the area. Visit us to learn why vehicle owners trust our stock and rely on the expertise of our service members.

Top-Quality Used Car Parts

No matter what make or model your vehicle is, we are sure to have the right part for your needs at our auto salvage yard. Our buying power allows us to provide customers with a full selection of parts for even rare and discontinued vehicles. By purchasing the original components for your vehicle without having to go through a dealer or specialty shop, you can trust that your car will ride smoothly without having to overspend to get what you need. We offer two types of used auto parts: Those you can choose from our organized warehouse or the "you pull it" parts you can take out of the cars on your own. No matter which option you choose, you are free to explore our virtually endless selection.

Shop Front in Columbus, OH

Do you love driving around town with the top down on your classic muscle car? One of the only ways to give your vintage ride an authentic rebuild is to follow through by obtaining all original components. If you are dedicated to this type of authenticity, visit us for used transmissions and other car parts. Whether your ride is an industry classic or one of only a few that were produced, you are sure to find what you need for your rebuild when you shop with us. We carry a wide selection to fit each of your rebuild requirements. Our junkyard features endless options, including original materials for every make and model.

Auto Parts in Columbus, OH

Visiting our Junkyard for Discount Auto Parts

Whatever your need is, the team at our junkyard is here to help you find the perfect car parts. We work closely with customers who are looking for something specific. At our yard, our focus is on providing you with the top services and parts to turn back the clock on your ride. Unlike most area junkyards, we do not charge you for admission into the salvage area. With more than 800 cars, we have a full range of options for you to peruse. Our "you pull it" junkyard comes with all cars already off the ground and on stands, which makes it easy for you to pull the used auto parts you need by yourself. We are also happy to give you free use of our wheelbarrows to transport your selections once you have found them.

Over time, even the most reliable car or truck will require maintenance or a repair. Whether you need to replace your brakes or rebuild your transmission, using the right parts will ensure your vehicle is safe to drive in on a daily basis. Many customers turn to their dealership's service department for their repairs and maintenance. While these locations are staffed with auto professionals, they are also known to tack on extra fees for most work. By shopping for your used auto parts at a reputable junkyard, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Avoid dealership prices and unnecessary fees by trusting our team for your service.

Auto Salvage Parts: The Green Solution

Each year, millions of older vehicles are brought into scrapyards around the country. If they are not recycled or reused, they become just another addition to our landfills. Fortunately, choosing to salvage auto parts from these vehicles can help cut down on the amount of waste that we see in our industry. Make the eco-friendly choice when you visit our local yard to shop for your car components. We follow environmentally-friendly practices, and we make sure to recycle every salvageable part that we find. By decreasing the need for manufacturers to build new parts, we do our part in eliminating needless waste.

Contact our team today to learn about our full selection of used auto parts. We proudly feature car parts for purchase throughout Reynoldsburg, Dublin, Bexley, Grove City, and Columbus, Ohio.